Why did you start ignitem?

I’d been leading global strategy office, and prior to that a change community of a few thousand people for a few years, but wanted to be able to help more people than I could reach inside one company or industry. Also, over a period of years I became frustrated with provider tactics that seemed to create dependency and dis-empowerment. The cost also put practical change and innovation out of reach for many people. I knew I could offer a better approach.

What’s your specialty?

Bringing you the freshest approaches and experience in large-scale implementation and change:

    • from many disciplines (engineering, history, psychology, sociology, management sciences, anthropology, even a little social activism);


    • in a fast, fun, effective, and entertaining way;


    • that help you immediately and in the future!

What’s different about ignitem?

Quite a few things, glad you asked, but I think there are a few key differences:

    • I share everything I know from being an insider on a number major transformations at the enterprise level, functional transformations in HR, IT and Shared Services, new business models in manufacturing & sales, C-level strategy sessions, product recalls, and huge outsourcing deals. I have personally implemented everything I teach. You get agendas, templates, shortcuts, information, insights, and I will help you hone your skills in the hidden side of innovation and change that few ever see….how to engage, influence, navigate, and stand out as an exceptional leader….content you won’t find elsewhere.


    • I’m highly specialized. I don’t do general leadership development, technical Six Sigma courses, or balanced scorecard training. I have a narrow focus and go deep on the exact behaviors and presence you need to be successful in leading change and innovation. That’s it.


    • My goal is to raise the bar on how change is implemented and how you show up as a leader; I explicitly choose NOT to ‘imitate’ change management companies because we believe their approach is outdated and won’t get you the results you want.


    • I am not a consultant. You will never have to worry that I will hijack your relationship with your sponsor, one-up you in front of your team, or spend more time boring into other parts of your organization developing new business. I deploy highly effective approaches, not people; in addition, as a Lean company I have virtually no overhead, and since my goal is to stay small and focused I don’t have the consultants’ need to sell.


  • I have a different mindset. That is, I believe you should be self-sufficient in taking on complex implementation and change on your own; I am here to serve and empower you with deeper capabilities and make sure you are ready the moment you finish each of my programs.


Old Way ignitem Way
Academic, theoretical Practical, application
Consulting; selling more business, dependency Empowered self-help; NO business development, NO dependency
Process only Principles & Process
Tools, templates, tactics Mindset, strategic approach
Serious, hard, fear Focused, light-hearted, energizing
Risks, paced results Risks & rewards, faster results


Who are your ideal customers? How do I know if we are a good fit for one another?

Smart, high-achieving, mid- and senior-level people in companies, non-profits, and communities who have a strong desire to effectively drive positive change & innovation around them. I work with professionals leading or supporting large scale program implementation (like Sigma, Operational Excellence, and Change Managers) along with line (R&D, Manufacturing, Sales) and functional leaders (HR, IT, Finance).

What’s up with the name?

ignitem is not a word, which is why I think it works on a couple of levels.

It’s a clear call to action… toward ‘inspired implementation’, energy, power, mass capability, liberation, and agitating business leaders to step up their own game and get others excited about new possibilities! The days of leveraging fear and negativity to make change are over; we need to engage people and ingite their passions to in order achieve business results from implementing change …even during tough times.

Ignitem is also a place where people can come to build their skills and find information, shortcuts, and proven approaches to help them address areas where they are less confident about their change abilities.

We are also an informal community of high-achieving peers across the globe who support each other to accomplish important change challenges; each person chooses the extent to which they wish to participate in the community.

Finally, it is a mindset. In exchange for asking you to take positive action, I believe I must deliver more quality and value than you expect in a way that excites, energizes, and entertains you….so you can transfer energy and commitment to the people in your network!

I truly believe one tiny spark…. carefully passed along… is enough to alight the passion of the person sitting next to you, a stadium full of people, a global company, a troubled country…. even the entire world.

I founded my company to:

* advance positive change in the world by equipping professionals with better change & implementation   leadership skills;

* deliver $10bb in economic value for companies, non-profits, and communities by 2020, and

* enable the highest-impact roles and rewards for my students.

The business model and platform are virtual, which enable me to have broad reach, deliver great content in a highly personal and responsive way…  and a enjoy a flexible lifestyle.

What is ignitem’s approach to charitable giving?

Non-profit organizations lead difficult and worthwhile humanitarian change efforts and are often not in a position to develop highly specialized expertise in implementing change. Therefore, each year we accept applications to provide several full days of advisory support to large charitable organizations (or commensurate value in programs, at their discretion).

Each Fall we accept evaluations to support the change/innovation capability needs of an organization in the following calendar year. In addition, ignitem also donates 5% of the proceeds of every virtual program to a charitable organization.

In addition, I attempt to match volunteers with change/innovation experience to organizations in need. To inquire about an application for support or volunteer to match your skills with an organization in need, please email your request.

Will you run a workshop at my plant or office?

Call or email us to let us know you are interested in an on-site workshop and together we can explore your needs… I’ll do whatever we can to accommodate you!

I want to take a class but the dates don’t work for me. Will you run it again?

Enrollment opens as courses are scheduled. If another session isn’t already listed, simply click ‘Notify me’ on the page of the course you want to take and we’ll email you as soon as a new session is scheduled.


I really want to take a class, but I can’t pay now. Do you offer financial aid or payment plans?

Payment in full is required prior to the start of all classes. No financial aid is currently available. Due to the business impact our programs deliver, about 80% of our leaders receive reimbursement from their companies for the cost of the program. Check with your Manager, HR, or Learning Department to see if you qualify for company reimbursement.

Can I get a refund for a course?

I am totally confident you will be happy with the value ignitem provides for you, so offer a no-questions-asked 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your experience in 30 days, simply request a refund. Just that simple.

If you have questions about whether a course is right for you, just ask. We’ll work with you to make sure the class you choose is the perfect fit for your learning goals.

What is your Immersion Workshop Cancellation policy?


In terms of cancellation, our live workshops cater to a limited number of participants and are heavily based upon structured small group interaction to assure the maximum experience. If you must cancel a workshop, refunds can be issued until the set refund date (30 business days prior to the start of the workshop series). After that date, no refunds will be processed. If you cancel after that date, you will be given a workshop credit for the full amount paid, good for one year (for either yourself or someone else in your organization). You are responsible for contacting us to facilitate receiving the credit.  To cancel or make a substitution for a workshop, please call us. Substitutions may be made at any time prior to the start of the workshop.

In the unlikely event circumstances necessitate that ignitem cancel a workshop, our staff will notify attendees by phone or email and will issue a full refund for the cancelled workshop. ignitem will not be held responsible for any incidental cost incurred (hotel, airfare, etc.)

If you are not satisfied with a Immersion experience after the first day, simply request a refund and turn in your course materials. Just that simple.

Can I get a course credit?

If for some reason you can’t attend an online course, email us at least three (3) business days prior to the start date of the class. We will extend you a credit toward a future course, good for one year from your application date.

I’ve never taken an online class before. How does it work?

Our fun and interactive courses include an easy to navigate portal, lectures, downloadable materials, group coaching, class discussion, practical application, action planning and feedback to ensure your experience is rich with connections! Once you register you will receive information and instructions via email that will explain how to to log into the session on your computer.

I want to participate in an advanced program. How can I make sure I’m at the right level?

Just send me a note, I’m happy to advise you to make sure your learning goals are best served!