What We Do

Every day we help you make change happen and achieve your full potential!

There is a set of must-have skills that will help you liberate high-impact change and innovation in your company, organization, or community….while propelling you toward your career aspirations.

IgniteM is your only accessible and affordable source to learn these skills. So few leaders have them, yet once acquired, they magnify your personal performance and differentiate you from your peers….without these skills you will never be able to move forward in your career.

We provide the proven mindset, techniques, and approaches you will need to be successful change & innovation leader. You can access these at any level you are comfortable with including:

  • High-quality complimentary assessment, research, and reports available throughout this site.
  • Online self-paced e-learning you can fit in to your busy schedule
  • Coaching that provides content, group interaction, and priority access to implementation leaders
  • Advisory Services for executives responsible for growing their business and building change leadership capabilities within their companies.

You will also need energy and determination to realize the change that is important to you….we’ll help you to do the “inner work” to explore the beliefs that are holding you back, connect with others that experience similar challenges, and learn how to maintain personal power and influence – - even when the going is tough.

Our goal is to help you reach your change and innovation goals…. whatever they may be.

Ignitem’s Highest Purpose:

A force to embolden the confidence, develop the skills, and mobilize to action an expansive community of business leaders around the world who work together to:

  • Empower companies, organizations, and communities to meet their profitability, growth, and service commitments.
  • Excite colleagues to liberate untapped ideas, especially ideas that grow their business, enrich others’ organizational experience, customers’ lives, or benefit humanity;
  • Increase the speed, volume, and clarity of implementation in organizations;
  • Assure the changes are not bogged down by resistance, nor languish in bureaucracy;
  • Develop and challenge business leaders around the world to reach their fullest personal, professional, and financial potential through the implementation of change.

Our Principles – How We Operate

  • Blow wide-open the specialized knowledge and little-known techniques of change leadership and make them accessible and affordable ….in the process,  revolutionize how change happens in organizations by broadening the pool of people who know how to drive change at every level.
  • De-bunk and de-mystify what you you’ve been told about “change management” …and help you graduate to change leadership that persuades and influences real behavior change  (even if that means we agitate consultants, take on established practices, or irritate peers).
  • Source and integrate the best knowledge on important topics fast….we focus deeply on helping you address what’s most important to you. And we’ll interpret and package it in practical ways that you can apply the same day.
  • Energize leaders like you in organizations and communities everywhere … you are both entitled to and obligated to learn how to drive positive change in your own sphere of influence, especially during challenging times.
  • Address your most difficult change & implementation challenges, assess & develop your skills, improve career path and compensation, and create informal networks that will allow this knowledge to flow more freely.
  • Operate in a lean, virtual environment with a global mindset; honor diversity in all its’ forms, because different perspectives are the heart of change and innovation! Conduct ourselves with integrity in all we do…and be fun to work with.