Advisory Services


A suite of customized executive services that provide a high level of personal interaction and advice, deepen leadership capabilities at the enterprise level, and make self-sufficiency and knowledge transfer a top priority.   My focused advisory approach provides exceptional relationship-based access and value, while tempering (or avoiding) the business-development distraction and expense often incurred through the traditional boots-on-the ground consulting model.


      • Transformation & Turnaround:  Shorten your time to value. Quickly execute a powerful roadmap & framework to transform your company’s results (including the internal capability you must have to sustain them). I’ll guide you and your team through each element of this flexible and intuitive approach, sharing execution techniques and insights to support you through implementation and amplify your return on investment many times over.


      • Realization Assessment:  Avoid missed-targets and unpleasant consequences. Discover the likelihood of actually achieving the results you’ve already committed to in your initiative(s).  I’ll uncover the hidden issues that are undermining your implementation, work with you to address them so they cannot derail the work, and restore your confidence that your teams and initiatives will deliver as expected. Perform pre-launch or post-launch.


      • Executive Facilitation:  Dramatically improve team functioning.  Lead your team to higher levels of performance through accelerated decision making and enhanced interactions. Especially helpful for new, dysfunctional, or fragmented leadership teams facing important or polarizing issues during times of change. Also available, ‘behind the curtain’ support to help the talented individuals you’ve selected to facilitate your meeting (includes facilitator fit assessment, meeting design, how to create visceral experiences that move people to take action, in-the-moment conflict resolution, and more).


      • Executive Change Leadership- Your actions set the stage for successful implementation. Highly customized program begins with Executive Change Preferences evaluation to determine the gap between preferences and the behaviors required for successful implementation. Action plan and personalized coaching leverages your strengths and helps overcome discomfort. Often includes preparation or review of key decisions, employee communications, and other opportunities to model the behavior you want from others.


      • Large Group Meeting Design & Delivery- Experiences that move people to take action.  Large group gatherings are complex and costly, yet they remain a major point of leverage during large-scale change. I will work with your team to shape the psychology and outcomes to deliver the flow and visceral experiences necessary to build commitment to change.  Creative options for designing technology-enabled or virtual group meetings to save time and expense without compromising the experience are also available.


      • Culture & Organization Performance:  Evaluate current company culture relative to performance using a fast, yet rigorous proprietary assessment. Together we’ll interpret and apply results in a practical way that finally de-mystifies culture. Then, we will architect a new performance-based culture using just a few powerful levers.


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