The 2-Hour Change Management Plan

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The fastest path to successful implementation through people.


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Who will Benefit from the Course:   Busy business professionals from any discipline who have been assigned work on a major project. Including PMO leads, Project Leads & Managers, Sigma/Op Ex Leads, Change Managers, HR Business Partners, and Organizational Development Leads.



Course Overview:

Whether you are new to change management planning or are an experienced professional, you are most likely spending too much time putting together your change management plans.

Most change plans lack a common template, are too long, lack focus, address activities instead of outcomes, and don’t integrate well with the project plan. Further, most professionals don’t know what the objectives of the plan actually are….and what activities must be included.

All of these can make you feel frustrated, look disorganized, and make your days longer than they need to be.

This course will help you to:

  • Determine you & your company’s current level of change maturity as context for how to position a change management plan.
  • Quickly understand when a Change Management plan is/isn’t needed on a project.
  • Learn how to quickly assemble a one-page Change Management plan based upon ‘outcomes’ that you can build from.
  • Identify the Key Elements of the Change Management plan, the types of activities that must be included in the CM plan, and how to more easily keep it updated it throughout the course of the project.
  • Effectively align the Change Management Plan with the project plan.
  • Decide if/how to talk to your sponsor about Change Management and how to include people updates into regular reviews with your sponsor.
  • Save you tons of time that you can devote to other professional or personal interests.
  • Construct your next Change Management Plan in just 2-hours.


What’s Included:

Perpetual access to all downloadable course materials in an exclusive private team room:

  • Guided video delivery of four learning modules; anytime, anywhere access on your busy schedule.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to populate the One Page Customizable Change Management Plan that you can revisit as many times as you like to enhance your learning.
  • Candid coaching on how to talk to your sponsor about the plan.
  • Template pre-populated with lots of sample activities (PPT)
  • All Course Presentation Slides
  • Course workbook to apply concepts to your own work in the moment
  • Impact Assessment (re-usable)
  • Sponsor Interest Assessment (re-usable)

Sample Assessment:

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Get immediate access to this valuable program.  Start saving time and improving your influence and impact, today.


* BONUS *  Receive a complimentary Done-for-You, fully-customizable Change Management Presentation to help you ‘pitch’ your plan to your sponsor & team.


Meet Your Instructor

KimBWKimberlee Williams is the voice of global business leaders driving performance through transformation and change.  She’s worked with companies in 18 industries …often during ambiguous, distressed, and difficult periods in their histories.

As Head of Global Change Execution in Merck’s Strategy Office, she pioneered strategy execution and change leadership by accelerating critical initiatives, building sustainable skills in the $46bb/50,000 employee base, & guiding an informal community of thousands of change agents who enabled $3.5bb in savings.

She served as Executive Director, Strategy & Program Office -Global Services, a $4bb/5,000 employee business unit & was previously VP, HR/Organizational Effectiveness at a privately held 30,000 employee outsourced services company. Kimberlee is a certified Master Change Agent, Lean/Sigma Black Belt, award-winning executive facilitator and advisor. Today, her company ignitem specializes in transformation and change, guiding leaders around the world to achieve extraordinary results through her online training resources, coaching programs, and live events.