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Transform your Projects. Your Career. YourSelf.


There is no better way than coaching to take  your performance to the next level.


After working with thousands of change and project leaders around the world, I find Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 4.05.09 PMthat most already have an idea what they need to do to create achieve the results they want… but they don’t do it. 

Self-doubt of what steps to take, lack of confidence in taking those steps, fear or consequences of taking risks…and even lack of time or focus … can undermine the best intentions to lead effectively.

The fact is…high achievers (in any field) who have a coach always achieve more than those who don’t. I have seen it repeatedly, and I’ve experienced it myself.

Take a look at the highest performers you know – they’ve all had valuable guidance and direction, quite often, from an experienced coach.

Unfortunately, not everyone can find a qualified coach inside their company.  Many leaders I know wonder about confidentiality with their mentor, lack of trust with their boss, or receiving unqualified ‘advice’ from their peers (who aren’t performing at any higher level than they are themselves).

By contrast, this program is structured to provide qualified, unbiased, approachable, and affordable coaching in an atmosphere of trust and sharing.  

You will learn, apply, and get benefits very quickly through real examples and practical advice on your own situation.

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Working with a coach experienced in transformation and change:

Navigates you through difficult political circumstances, allowing you to work more strategically and at more senior levels.
Guides you through difficult sponsor discussions and the words/actions needed to be successful.
Keeps you focused on your goals and priorities; helps you prioritize to assure you are doing the highest value-add work.
Confronts your unconscious behavior patterns and fears; acts as an accountability partner to keep you motivated and energized.
Shows you the short-cuts and tips that normally take years to learn, saving an enormous amount of time and effort.
Shares insights that help you avoid risks and failure modes allowing you to work at a more impactful, strategic level.
Show you how to learn the special nuances of project/change based work to earn more and advance your career.














What exactly is a coach?

coach works with you to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future, faster than you thought possible. It’s easier to get to the next level when you have a coach nudging, supporting, and challenging you to move in the right direction.   You’ll have a consistent, on going relationship with your coach over time who will stay with you to help implement new skills, changes and goals.

A coach is not a consultant, she doesn’t creates solutions for you.  Instead, she offers questions, examples, insights, and advice that allow you to discover solutions for yourself.

Coaching provides the support and strategy to make changes based on current circumstances and future goals. Your coach will help you with the motivation, confidence, and accountability to take action and achieve those goals.

Basically, a coach facilitates your growth. You’ll begin building your skills from the very first session, developing a professional relationship that brings objectivity, distance, empathy and support.


Why has coaching become so popular?

  • Companies are looking for ways to innovate and grow and need a leadership bench capable of performing at a higher level by making the changes needed to achieve exceptional results.
  • Many people are tired of the corporate grind and look to a coach to help bring more meaning, satisfaction, and impact the work they do.
  • Companies often do not provide more than elementary training in how to lead transformation and change. As the level and intensity of change in companies continue to escalate, leaders recognize they need an objective source of expertise to help anticipate what to expect during major change and how to implement it successfully.
  • As formalized sources of mentoring and support have diminished through downsizing, leaders are investing in their own growth to take their career and income to the next level.


What are the criteria for selecting a great coach?

1. Has performed at a high level and clearly achieved personal or professional results you aspire to.

2. Delivered results while accountable as an internal company leader like you, not as an advisor or external consultant.

3. Provides references that enthusiastically testify to effectiveness and accomplishing desired results.

4. Education and credentials are tightly aligned with the coaching expertise offered.

5. Offers program guarantee to assure best possible fit, personal chemistry, and successful realization of outcomes.

6. Has direct experience working in your discipline or area of interest.

7. Documented, multi-dimensional approach that accommodates your learning style and flexes to your personal goals.


Who is the ideal participant in this program?

Participants come from every functional discipline, and are typically leading or supporting a large implementation in their company.

These include:

- Project Manager/PMO Leader

- Lean Sigma Leader- MBB, BB

- HR, OD or Change Management Lead

- Strategy Office/Strategic Initiative Lead

- IT or ERP Professional

- Finance Professional

-Sales, Operations, Manufacturing

- Project Team Member






Most participants want to ‘show up’ better in their role and receive valuable advice on a high-impact initiative or business unit that involves a combination of 1) changing people’s behavior, 2) large scale implementation, and 3) program complexity.  Ideally, you will be actively engaged in this type of work when you proceed through the program so you can apply the concepts and achieve business benefits in that area.



Meet your Coach




Kimberlee Williams is the voice of global business leaders driving performance through transformation and change.  She’s worked with companies in 18 industries …often during ambiguous, distressed, and difficult periods in their histories.

As Head of Global Change Execution in Merck’s Strategy Office, she pioneered strategy execution and change leadership by accelerating critical initiatives, building sustainable skills in the $46bb/50,000 employee base, & guiding an informal community of thousands of change agents who enabled $3.5bb in savings.

She served as Executive Director, Strategy & Program Office -Global Services, a $4bb/5,000 employee business unit & was previously VP, HR/Organizational Effectiveness (SPHR) at a privately held 30,000 employee outsourced services company. Kimberlee is a certified Master Change Agent, Lean/Sigma Black Belt, award-winning executive facilitator and advisor. She holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Moravian College) and Master’s Degree in Social Relations (Lehigh University).

Her 20+ years of experience include:

- Process Improvement, Waste Elimination, Reduce Complexity

- Cost Reduction or Revenue Enhancement

- ERP, HRIS, and Large Scale Technology Implementation

- Restructuring/Re-Organizations

- Safety, Environmental, Ethics & Compliance

- Business Model Redesign

- People Initiatives (Compensation, Talent, etc.)

- Shared Services Implementation

- Merger, Acquisition, or Divestiture

Today, her company ignitem specializes in business performance, transformation, and change….guiding leaders around the world to achieve extraordinary results through her online training resources and coaching programs.

She is passionate about helping business leaders driving change increase their impact, influence, and income!


 “One of the most inspirational, visionary leaders I have had the pleasure of working with!” – Alison S., Dir., Business Consulting -IT


“What I learned from you sets me up for success for the rest of my career… your programs ought be required for every business leader!”– Chris K., Director & Project Manager


“You de-mystified the world of change by getting me to focus on the fundamentals of human behavior, not on risks or convoluted frameworks. You are a master at de-constructing knotty, amorphous people and sponsor issues.”      – Pam S., Strategy & Operations Program Office Leader



What’s included? How does the program work?*

The Certificate in Change Leadership is a leadership development program designed to improve participant change leadership and execution skills with special focus on the ‘human elements’ of implementing change.  More than 40 hours of instruction and coaching conveniently delivered throughout a six month period.

Participants move beyond ‘change management’ tools to build ‘change leadership’ skills in influence, judgement, and persuasion:

  • 8-weeks of Live Training kick off this program, so you’ll be immersed in the 7 Human Elements of implementation and get your questions answered right away! 1x week, 90 minutes
  • 2x Monthly Live Interactive coaching sessions.  Calls are conducted with small groups via GoToMeeting on a 2x per month/90 minutes basis. These are focused, practical roundtable discussions that provide the ‘space’ for participants from different companies and industries facing similar challenges to share their experiences and ‘listen in’ as I share my perspectives. This provides provides a high-quality and affordable approach to building exceptional change and transformation skills, particularly judgement and influence skills.
  • All calls are recorded and posted to the team room to assure participants who were not able to attend have access to information shared in the discussion.
  • Exclusive password protected team room is well organized easy use and allows for anytime, anyplace, anywhere access to materials so they fit conveniently into any busy schedule.
  • Custom Individual Development Plan (IDP): At the inception of the program each participant completes two comprehensive assessments (initiative and individual levels) to identify strengths, gaps, and priorities. These become the input to the IDP.
  • Change leadership competencies and certification guidelines form the basis of the roadmap which guides participants through the curriculum with the group, always with an eye toward their own development needs.
  • A thoughtful and creative mix of program elements: Multi- dimensional approach includes personal contact, guided video modules, synchronous and asynchronous learning, interactive media, downloadable materials, and technology platform that provide a valuable alternative to consultants and keep participants motivated.
  • Safe environment: Prior to diving into the materials, participants provides input and agrees to a set of Discussion Ground Rules; all members sign a Confidentiality Agreement to assure candid discussions that surface real change challenges.  For example, Sponsor identities are strictly anonymous; names are never discussed and company information can be withheld, if desired.  Participants get to know one another well, but disclosure of company information is completely at their discretion.
  • Work Product Review: Participants also have the opportunity to submit (sanitized) documents, change plans, email drafts, and other work product for the coach’s review and use as an example with the team. In the unlikely event there are insufficient individual examples to discuss in a given call, we will discuss scenarios posed by the coach that draw upon course materials and encourages learning and participation.
  • Business focused application: Participants are expected to apply what they learn to their own work in order to achieve demonstrable business benefits.
  • Certificate in Change Leadership (optional, but included in base price)  create a sense of urgency to assure utilization of program elements; participants are strongly encouraged to pursue the option.  Certification involves: completing all online training course modules, attending a minimum number of coaching calls, demonstrated progress on identified skill gaps, documented examples of application, online multiple choice exam, and a final interview with the coach.  Completing a certification is a great professional credential and assures the company of a solid return on investment.
  • 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee assures participants the highest level of quality of service, use of methodology, and personal chemistry before continuing with the entire program.


* Note: CCL Coaching groups are sometimes organized exclusively for one company; they need to be sponsored and carefully structured to assure richness of discussion, information sharing, and networking. Affordable fee allows you to go deeper into your talent pool than might normally be possible.  If you desire a ‘one-company group’, contact me to discuss how together we can structure the program to achieve a highly engaging experience for your participants and exceptional business results for your company.


“Great facilitator & excellent trainer… you taught me a lot about change in a practical, “plain English” way. You have a talent to bring the concepts to reality.” – Natasha Z., VP, Quality

” I recently accepted a new job in our transforming organization…needless to say I am very happy!  Your coaching and input have been so valuable and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it – I continually apply your principles and strategies. Thanks!” – - Carol L., National Voluntary Health Organization

“Exceptional leader and coach focused on delivering outcomes that make a real difference.”

– Anne S., Ex. Dir, IT Program Realization Office


Is anything else included in the program?

Yes! In addition to all the program elements above, you’ll receive full access to the Million Dollar Change Blueprint program, a $1595 value included at no charge in the price of the Coaching program.

The Blueprint reinforces learning and provides you with more than 250 pages of Powerpoint presentations, over 14 hours audio/video lessons, along with quality assessments, frameworks, reusable materials, difficult topic ‘deep dives’, stories and case studies …plus valuable discussion guides that show you exactly what to say!

bundle02 Million Dollar Change Blueprint detailed description.

 * NOTE: Leaders also have the option to access to the guided MDCB methodology without coaching.  Click description above.



“You focus on those key things that drive the most value… and provided insights that left a lasting impression and continue to guide me in my work.” – Leslie M., Master Black Belt, Change Agent

“Your mentorship has been invaluable to my career! I learned practical skills & subtleties that cannot be gained from a classroom or book. You are an amazing teacher and mentor… able to inspire & guide individuals at all levels of the learning curve.” – Irene K., Master Black Belt & Shared Services Professional



When is registration offered?

To assure maximum interaction and personal attention, coaching groups are only held several times a year and restricted to 20 participants per class:

Fall 2015 – Enrollment Opens in July


 REGISTRATION $3,295.00  



 Registration closes without notice when 20 seat limit is reached.


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Corporate Leaders, contact me about group programs and affordable rates for your company.

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