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The Human & Culture Dynamics of

Launching & Managing A Successful PMO or Center of Expertise



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Who should attend:   Leaders or members of PMOs, Centers of Expertise (Sigma, Op/Ex, OD/Change Management, Internal consulting), Strategy office & similar performance focused groups who want to overcome challenges, improve results, & build capability.


What you will get out of this course?


PART 1:  Dramatically improve performance & productivity by mastering the human dynamics impacting your group.

  • Complete a 7-part assessment to surface and troubleshoot ‘people issues’ for your particular situation.
  • Treat the deployment of your function as a ‘change’ in and of itself, and identify the change management actions needed at each phase of functional maturity.
  • Learn a totally different way to look at the deployment maturity curve that helps you get better outcomes.
  • Uncover the best way for your group to add value to the company strategic execution process.
  • Understand whether you have the right type and enough sponsorship (and if not, if/how you can get it)
  • Position your role and roles of the team in a counterintuitive way that is much more effective.
  • Learn how to uncover what executives really expect from the function and how to build support among them.
  • Take a completely different tact with project teams that reduces friction and tension, and amplifies results.
  • ID and skill up an informal change network.


Infinity Access to Participant Downloads in our exclusive team room:

- Access 40 Course Slides in Private Portal

- ‘Human Elements’ Deployment: Commitment Curve

- The Change Accelerator: Program Level Assessment Survey



PART 2:  Better performance and less organizational tension by managing culture dependencies.

  • Complete an Organization Culture Assessment to identify key dimensions that are the context of the group’s daily work.
  • Compare the pattern of results to your Program Assessment results (If you completed one in Execution Engine, Part 1) to determine if/how counter-cultural your group’s activities really are.
  • Understand the strategic choices you will need to make on a number of dimensions and how to do so in the context of your company’s culture:

1. Structure & centralization (including deployment)

2. Governance/decision rights

3. Work processes (including tracking & metrics)

4. Branding and group image

5. Physical location/proximity

6. People management: selection, rewards, etc.

7. Driving and adapting to organization changes over time

8. Methodology selection & alignment, knowledge management

  • Recognize the implications of operating counter to the company culture, but why you may ultimately have to do so.
  • Identify key leader and team member characteristics required for success.


Infinity Access to Participant Downloads in our exclusive team room:

- Access 45 Course Slides in Private Portal

- Key Strategic Dimensions Framework

- Organization Culture Assessment Survey


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Meet Your Instructor

KimBWKimberlee Williams is the voice of global business leaders driving performance through transformation and change.  She’s worked with companies in 18 industries …often during ambiguous, distressed, and difficult periods in their histories.

As Head of Global Change Execution in Merck’s Strategy Office, she pioneered strategy execution and change leadership by accelerating critical initiatives, building sustainable skills in the $46bb/50,000 employee base, & guiding an informal community of thousands of change agents who enabled $3.5bb in savings.

She served as Executive Director, Strategy & Program Office -Global Services, a $4bb/5,000 employee business unit & was previously VP, HR/Organizational Effectiveness at a privately held 30,000 employee outsourced services company. Kimberlee is a certified Master Change Agent, Lean/Sigma Black Belt, award-winning executive facilitator and advisor. Today, her company ignitem specializes in transformation and change, guiding leaders around the world to achieve extraordinary results through her online training resources, coaching programs, and live events.