Million Dollar Change Blueprint



Discover an intuitive, non-linear approach to change that surfaces the the seven critical elements you need to persuade & influence people through any major change.



Benefits you’ll receive from this program:

  • Inspire. Initiate, develop & sustain the effective sponsorship and compelling story upon which the entire implementation must be built.
  • Guide. Overcome frustration & position your own role for success; effectively influence and guide others from beginning to end.
  • Navigate. Identify & navigate the power hierarchy behind your implementation; diffuse political tensions. Align leaders and reduce dysfunction.
  • Innovate. Assure high performing teams and reduce conflict, even when you are not in charge. Guarantee true customer interests are reflected in solutions.
  • Translate. Accelerate ‘uptake’ via precise techniques that power up local execution- without creating chaos or losing control.
  • Energize. Liberate fear … make the change deeply personal, manage mindsets & create the ‘safety net’ people need to succeed.
  • Manage. Address operational issues to assure the change achieves desired results, create strong accountability, & address culture issues to solidify and sustain the change.


No need to pay costly consultants.

No need to sacrifice productivity and expense due to travel.  

This valuable program comes directly to you!


What’s included in the package?

Seven interactive, color coded modules that will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the most effective ways to handle the human elements of change using real examples, analogies, and stories.*

More than 120 detailed guided videos, also converted to downloadable MP3s for ‘hands free’ learning on the road.

>250 pages of course presentation slides

Re-usable frameworks to position you as a thought leader with your sponsor and team.

Dozens of done-for-you templates, downloadable slides, conversation guides, assessments, and tools -including:

    • Sponsor Interest Evaluation
    • Sponsor Development Plan
    • Change Leader Development Plan
    • Role Descriptions
    • Impact Assessment
    • Political Terrain Map
    • Team Effectiveness Assessment
    • Commitment Curve
    • Culture and Organization Effectiveness Assessment
    • Symptoms of Overload
    • Decommission Accountability Checklist
    • Decommission Agreement
    • Risk Reporting & Behavioral Markers
    • …and more.

Easily access and locate content in your exclusive private team room anytime, anyplace, anywhere you want, and fit it into your busy schedule by working at your own pace. Enjoy ‘infinity use’, your access to materials never expires.

Earn your Certificate in Change Management (optional, but included in program price).

Complimentary assessment of your project using The Change AcceleratorTM a comprehensive and visually indelible approach to identify and prioritize actions needed to address the human elements of change.



Enroll now to receive access to Module 1 within 5 minutes

and start developing your sponsor and story today.


What kind of projects is this program best suited for?

If your project or initiative involves any type of behavior change to achieve business results, this program is for you.

    • ERP, HRIS, or Technology Implementation
    • Process Improvement, Waste Elimination
    • Cost Reduction or Revenue Enhancement
    • Implementation of a Center of Expertise (PMO, Sigma/OpEx, Change Management, Strategy Office, etc.)
    • Restructuring and Re-Organization
    • Shared Services Implementation
    • Safety, Environmental, Ethics & Compliance projects
    • Business Model Redesign
    • People Initiatives (Compensation, Talent, Benefits redesign, etc.)
    • Shared Services Implementation
    • Merger, Acquisition, or Divestiture


Learn the techniques master change agents use behind the scene, and that I use in my own businessto get results more quickly and with less aggravation.


No more embarrassing surprises or wondering whether you’re doing the right thing …

and no need to take unnecessary professional risks to keep your projects on track.

Use this proven approach to anticipate and address reactions to change before they happen.


    $1595 USD 


        Receive instant access to your materials.




Thanks you to these Top Tier Advisors for their generous contribution to the design of this program:


Ask me about how this program can be delivered as LIVE 2-Day Program at your site (10 pp min)
* NOTE: All materials are delivered electronically.